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Steadfast Farm:

Processed with Focos

Tell us a little about yourselves: We are Sara & Cody Winters-Steadfast Farm- located in Tuscumbia Missouri and have been growing microgreens since February of 2021. Later in March, we added 77 Cornish cross hens into the endeavor and started going to markets and selling to restaurants. 

What do you sell at the farmers market?: We offer 9 varieties of microgreens -sunflower, peas, radish, broccoli, kale, two types of salad mix, chia, and beets! We also grow wheatgrass for juice bars and individual customers interested in juicing it! We also raise pastured chickens. They are moved to fresh grass everyday. The chickens are given no antibiotics and non GMO feed. We also conduct all of the chicken processing ourselves on our farm. 
During the week we offer microgreen delivery or ‘drop offs’ to restaurants and individuals. 

What go you started?:I (Sara) studied sustainable agriculture at university of Missouri in Columbia and have always been passionate about growing food more efficiently and sustainably. Cody wants to be able to grow food naturally and provide customers with a wholistic product that is connected to the farm and the customers. Originally, we wanted to grow vegetables in hoop houses, but came across microgreens in the process and decided it would be a great place to start building our business. We are driven to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and want to share that with everyone around us! We love to build the customer relationship at markets! 

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